<img src=”/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/werewolf_in_woods_by_tiger4444-d63aoep-585×306.jpg” alt=”werewolf” style=:width:100%;” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-17454″ />

Werewolf in Woods by tiger4444-d63aoep

sea serpent

Sea Serpent!


Untitled from the series Women are Beautiful

Garry Winogrand (1928-1984). Untitled from the series Women are Beautiful, circa 1970 – Source Heritage Auctions.


Simone Segouin

Seventeen-year-old Simone Segouin, the French partisan known by her nom de guerre “Nicole Minet,” with her German submachine gun MP40. Throughout the war she was an active resistance member and killed an unknown (but presumably high) number of Germans and captured 25 POWs during the fall of Chartres. After the liberation of Paris in August 1944 she was promoted to lieutenant and awarded the Croix de guerre. https://wrhstol.com/31HgUJt

Damn… she’s hot.


Eagle catches a cat

1ce Bergz
May 20, 2018

Well, I have not seen this sort of avian activity in person, so this video caught my eye.

I am on a giant bird binge once again. So, yes, very cool!

Seems to be having great difficulty making off with the kitty, though.

I hope he got it home to the kiddos.

Yessir, I do wish the boid well and here, now, for you, is a completely different eagle, caught bringin’ in the vittles for the babes.

Decorah Eagles Dad brings in a kitten 05 07 2017

Blossem Holland
May 7, 2017

LOL, these videos are not at all suitable for Cat Ladies!


Champ Day Interview with Katy Elizabeth of Champ Search

Champ Day – The Lake Champlain Monster Festival
Aug 1, 2020

A Virtual Champ Day Exclusive! Special guest Katy Elizabeth of Champ Search joins Lohr McKinstry in Port Henry, NY to chat about her search for our legendary Lake Champlain Monster. You can learn more about Katy and her organization Champ Search here: Facebook – www.facebook.com/Champ-Search… Website – officialchampsearch.webs.com/

Katy is really on a roll and I think she is without a doubt going to have absolutely fantastic results.

Proud that she is my friend!

Champ Day 2020 – Katy Elizabeth of Champ Search

Champ Day – The Lake Champlain Monster Festival
Aug 1, 2020

A special video presentation by Katy Elizabeth of Champ Search. To learn more about Katy and her search for Champ, the Lake Champlain Monster: Website: officialchampsearch.webs.com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/catego…

Champ Search Investigation

Katy Elizabeth
Jan 4, 2014

This is our Champ Search Investigation.We traveled to Lake Champlain to find the elusive creature that calls this lake home. visit our facebook www.facebook.com/pages/Champ-… visit or site www.officialchampsearch.webs.com Water Horse Of Lake Champlain by Katy Elizabeth available on amazon.com or on our website for an autographed copy.

Song Braveheart Theme
Artist Highland Orchestra Album La Música De Los Dioses Writers James Horner
Licensed to YouTube by Blanco y Negro Music (on behalf of Blanco y Negro Music); LatinAutor, LatinAutor – SonyATV, LatinAutor – UMPG, Sony ATV Publishing, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA – UBEM, EMI Music Publishing, SOLAR Music Rights Management, CMRRA, and 11 Music Rights Societies

Katy Elizabeth – CCC Podcast #7

Crash-Course Cryptozoology
May 30, 2019

Katy Elizabeth has been a Champ enthusiast from a young age. That interest has grown into not only a passion, but a basis for the scientific fieldwork she conducts out on Lake Champlain. In her time studying the sightings, Katy Elizabeth has come across significant and anomalous pieces of evidence that may shed light on the mystery. Champ Search’s Official Website: officialchampsearch.webs.com/ Champ Search’s Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/catego…

Song Silent Running (Remastered Version)
Artist Mike + The Mechanics
Licensed to YouTube by WMG; Concord Music Publishing, CMRRA, ARESA, BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., ASCAP, UMPI, and 8 Music Rights Societies

Katy Elizabeth | Cryptozoologist, Founder of Champ Search Lake Champlain | Arcane Radio 09.29.2014

Beyond Explanation
Aug 6, 2020

#katyelizabeth From Arcane Radio’s archive Katy Elizabeth joins Lon and Sean September 29th, 2014, to take you to Lake Champlain, home of the legendary Champ lake monster. Cryptozoologist Katy Elizabeth, member of Champ Search, discusses her research, the monster, and her new book. Champ Search Website: officialchampsearch.webs.com

Katy Elizabeth was born in Warwick Rhode Island. Katy is the world’s leading authority on the Lake Champlain Monster. Katy has been studying the existence of Champ since a child, as one of the youngest and most recent Cryptozoologists, she made her life long dream into reality when she had her own sighting and experiences of this elusive creature on Lake Champlain, it prompted her to start her own group called “Champ Search”, the groups goal is to study, investigate , prove the existence and most importantly protect the unique animals that inhabit New York and Vermont’s beautiful Lake Champlain.

She is the author of the new book “Water Horse Of Lake Champlain II” available on amazon.com

The Beyond Explanation YouTube channel presents Lon Strickler’s Phantoms and Monsters real cryptid encounter reports, eyewitness experiences and paranormal investigations together with Arcane Radio’s conversations with noted researchers and experiencers seeking to explain the unexplained. Beyond Explanation shares information and encounters from people who have witnessed or experienced; aliens, UFO/UAP, abductions. bigfoot, cryptids, ghosts, time shifts, paranormal and other supernatural events. Please tell us about your own experiences, encounters and observations in the comments or at www.phantomsandmonsters.com/p… Links: Lon Strickler’s Phantoms & Monsters www.phantomsandmonsters.com/
Credits: All content licensed and/or used with permission.

Nobody works as hard as Katy does… and it is going to pay off… mark my words!


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I just learned the hot water storage tank for the house has started leaking along the bottom. This is not good. Without…

Posted by Iggy Makarevich on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Oh, Lordy!


Bray Road Beast: Canid Sightings

Bob Gymlan
Dec 14, 2016

South East Wisconsin was home to one of the largest rashes of Dogman or Werewolf sightings. These reports were not like the typical sighting often attributed to the North American Sasquatch. Do two bipedal cryptids dwell in the Heart Land of America?


Bray Road Beast: Hominoid Sightings

Bob Gymlan
Dec 14, 2016

Beast of Bray is a folkloric variation on the traditional Euro Werewolf and contemporary North American “Canid” type creatures often dubbed as Dogman. Bigfooteers often stray from the phenomana, for fear that it weakens the quote “cryptozoological” field. Are they wise to do so?

Sounds like a whole Fortean ecosystem is going on over there…

And what do you think of these apples, dear readers?


Zoe Celesta West

Zoë Celesta West

New Orleans, Louisiana

I’m pretty sure every model owns this top in some color… I personally have it in two colors y
Photographer- @deftfotos
Model- @zoe_cw


So foul are the phony Israeli cowardscum that they resort to this.

I pray to God that Israel is leveled to the ground. It has become an infestation upon the earth that must be eradicated.

And soon!


The Kelly Extraterrestrial Incident AND Thoughts on Disclosure

Bob Gymlan
Aug 2, 2020

This topic has been requested for a while, so I decided to give it a shot. In 1955, creatures” visited a small house in Kentucky. The creatures have been called “aliens,” “goblins,” and “little green men.” This event remains one of the most famous and disputed events in American Folk Lore. This is one of the many situations wherein the attempts to discount the incident are even more absurd than the incident itself. I get a little more ‘ranty’ in this video than I usually like to, but what the hey?

Contact: DarkForestMedia51@gmail.com
Incredible art-work by Fred Dunn! www.youtube.com/user/dredfunn
Additional Images Google Licensed for reuse.
Support Help Keep This Channel Alive! Patreon.com/BobGymlan paypal.me/BobGymlan

Another fine look-see by Bob.

I like Bob. Down to earth and no woo… very refreshing. Good stuff. Like the old days.


J.F. Gloss – Rhythm of the River

Mar 18, 2020

✅ Subscribe to our channels for new music daily: Epidemic Pop: www.youtube.com/channel/UCzMx… Epidemic Electronic: www.youtube.com/channel/UCMg7… Epidemic Hip-Hop: www.youtube.com/channel/UCLpw… Epidemic Acoustic: www.youtube.com/channel/UCm_D… Epidemic Lofi: www.youtube.com/channel/UCr0g… Epidemic Relax: www.youtube.com/channel/UCx7S… Epidemic Epic: www.youtube.com/channel/UCNXG… Epidemic Indie: www.youtube.com/channel/UC__-… Epidemic Latin: www.youtube.com/channel/UC8O6… Epidemic Jazz: www.youtube.com/channel/UCLJM… 🎶 Use this song in your videos: www.epidemicsound.com/persona…
Song Rhythm of the River – Artist J.F. Gloss
Licensed to YouTube by Epidemic Sound (on behalf of Epidemic Sound); Epidemic Sound Publishing

Dixie Cryptids uses this and it is truly awesome Blues!

The Mission – J.F. Gloss [hateisnotcool #1971]

Oct 25, 2019

More goodness.


Found this tale here: Linky

Disturbing Unknown Creature Chases A Hunter During A Night In Russia

Got a good one here
The story is this hunter went into the Siberian Russian forest to hunt and was told by other hunter friends that he shouldn’t go there and the location was “very bad” for some unknown reason. What happens next will freak anyone out being alone at night camping.

You can here it mimicking human sounds and then chattering right before the hunter lets off his first round. Yeti?

This feels genuine and the creature’s noises aren’t familiar to me
Any hunters like to chime in?

The original post, above, features the vid shown second here, with the above allegedly posted original footage posted in a reply.

Серёга охотник(часть2)жутко страшная ночь в засаде.

Bad Pioneer
Feb 6, 2019

Сибирь. Западный Саян. Охотник-промысловик Сергей отправляется в тайгу, в Длинный распадок, на всю ночь – караулить зверя. От другого охотника он слышал, что место там «нехорошее». Не особо доверяя слухам, Сергей решает проверить это сам, взяв с собой маленькую видеокамеру.



Jul 20, 2020

WATCH WITH HEADPHONES ON! The story is this hunter went into the Siberian Russian forest to hunt and was told by other hunter friends that he shouldn’t go there and the location was “very bad” for some unknown reason. What happens next will freak anyone out being alone at night camping. Watch the whole video, if you didn’t got scared and get goosebumps all over your body let me know in the comments!

Link to source channel – www.youtube.com/channel/UCLQ_…

Wait, secureteam9? That’s not good.

What with the lowly status of secureteam10 and all…


🔴 Sasquatch Videos 2020 Most Convincing Sasquatch Videos Ever Filmed 🐵 Real Bigfoot Footage

Ghosts That Hunt Back TV
May 10, 2020

🔴 Sasquatch Videos 2020 Most Convincing Sasquatch Videos Ever Filmed 🐵 Real Bigfoot Footage 🔴 Sasquatch Videos 2020 Most Convincing Sasquatch Videos Ever Filmed 🐵 True Sasquatch Stories in North American folklore, Bigfoot or Sasquatch are said to be hairy, upright-walking, ape-like creatures that dwell in the wilderness and leave footprints. Depictions often portray them as a missing link between humans and human ancestors or other great apes.

Many of these actually are rather convincing.

Quite surprisingly so.

You’ll see.


amelia earhart

Amelia Earhart

Caught and killed by the Japanese for spying.
Abandoned and left to die by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to save face.

Disgusting. Disgraceful.


Whale And Calf Splash Around Next To Surfers

Caters Clips
Aug 3, 2020

ID: 3386301

A whale and her calf have been captured on camera splashing around next to a bunch of excited surfers. The epic drone footage was taken by Dominique Taylor, 31, who initially presumed the right whale was a rock. The photographer who lives in Sydney, Aus, was ‘jumping for joy’ when she noticed it was a one of the largest mammals of the ocean in Manly, Aus. She captured the footage on August 2 [2020] at approximately 1.30pm.


Can’t say I would have blamed her if she would have brought her tail down right in the middle of them.
Does nobody remember “look, but don’t touch?”

She was giving them an incredible gift, being that close to her calf.

chiefsmom Chicken Chuckin Witch
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Watch Pedophile Monster Biden forces obviously
horrified Little Girl’s hand to rub his crotch – He
should be castrated, Then given 20 years In Prison


Via rense.com – Biden forcing horrified little girl


Joe Rogan Experience #606 – Randall Carlson

Feb 2, 2015

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar.

This man has the most solid lock on what more than likely happened in the past.

Please, please, watch and learn!


Muhammad Ali on UFOs – September 7, 1973 – Budget Time Travel

Hatala Testing
Feb 9, 2019

Muhammad Ali used a September 7, 1973 appearance on the Tonight Show to discuss his beliefs about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). He had first encountered a UFO while on a training run in 1970. By the time of his death in 2016, Ali had witnessed UFOs 16 different times. He was on the Tonight Show ostensibly to promote his rematch with (at the time) Heavyweight Champion Ken Norton.

Budget Time Travel videos are the creation of Mark Hatala, Ph.D., a Professor of Psychology at Truman State University. Dr. Hatala is a cognitive science researcher who also teaches a class on time travel. The video from the Tonight Show is owned by Carson Productions, and is used here for educational purposes under the principle of “fair use.”

I had no idea he was into FOs! Very cool. Disappointed in Johnny…















Photograph of the supposed Westall UFO encounter where more than 200 students and teachers at two Victorian state schools allegedly witnessed an unexplained flying object which descended into a nearby open wild grass field. Dated 1966















This is an aircraft recon camera shot by Marshal pilot Giancarlo Cecconi, while he was serving with the Italian Air Force.

I wrote about it back in the hey day of WATT… The Remarkable Cecconi UFO Case: Cover Up Italian Style.













There will always be a soft spot in in my heart for flying saucers. Especially the rectangular and square ones.

My first UFO sighting, at ten years old, is what got me into the realm of the unexplained.

So, no matter how silly the field of ufology might get, I know something is hanging out with us.


Lancia-Abarth 037

Lancia 037

snippet from the veb:

The Lancia Rally (Tipo 151, also known as the Lancia Rally 037Lancia 037 or Lancia-Abarth #037 from its Abarth project code SE037) was a mid-engine sports car and rally car built by Lancia in the early 1980s to compete in the FIA Group B World Rally Championship. … It was the last rear-wheel drive car to win the WRC.

Engine: Lampredi 2.0–2.1-litre I4 supercharged, rear, mid-mounted
Constructors’ Championships: 1
Suspension (rear): Independent wheels with two wishbones, coil springs, dual shock absorbers and no bars


Troodon-Georgia Raptor

The wonderful Troodon, otherwise known as the Georgia Raptor.

I love raptors. I want to be one when I grow up.


Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac


Fleetwood Mac

Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac *

RIP Peter Green (1946-2020)

  • Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Danny Kirwan & Jeremy Spencer.

Just a note to mention that Peter didn’t at all like the band being called “Peter Green’s..,” to him it was just “Fleetwood Mac.”


102 y/o Dancer Sees Herself on Film for the First Time

Apr 20, 2015

UPDATE: Alice passed away peacefully on Wednesday, April 6th, 2016. She spent the last day of her life in good spirits, enjoying listening to music and having her mail read to her. Thank you to all the thousands of fans who sent in cards, flowers, and art. You truly gave her deep joy and meaning in the last years of her life!

Alice Barker was a chorus line dancer during the Harlem Renaissance of the the 1930s and 40s. She danced at clubs such as The Apollo, Cotton Club, The Zanzibar Club, and on Broadway—with legends including Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. Although she danced in numerous movies, commercials and TV shows, she had never seen any of them, and all of her photographs and memorabilia had been lost over the years.

After years of searching we found three “Soundies” Alice appeared in and were finally able to show them to her — she had never seen herself in motion in her life!

You can learn more about Alice at the little website we’ve set up for her: www.alicebarkernotbaker.com/

All of Alice’s films from this video are collected here: youtu.be/rpg5D0AAA2w

For more info about the dancers of the Harlem Renaissance, we recommend the lovely documentary “Been Rich All My Life” —several of the women in the film danced with Alice back in the day!

A little more about the who’s who here: “We” are friends of Alice who searched for the films and made this video. I’m David Shuff, a volunteer who visits the home with my therapy dog Katie, and have known Alice for 8 years. The woman in the video is Gail Campbell, a recreation therapist (and an amazing one at that!). She never gave up on finding Alice’s films, and uncovered the first piece of the puzzle that lead to us finding them — which was Alicia Thompson; a historian of black female performers who had been looking for Alice for years (her site is forclassicmovieloversonly.trip… and her YouTube channel is “MusicandDancing4Ever”). She told us that Alice was in films called ‘soundies’.

Using that clue I found jazz historian Mark Cantor of jazz-on-film.com and he was able to send us three of Alice’s soundies from his collection. Shortly afterwards Alicia got us a few more films.

This video was filmed on cellphones (and almost as an afterthought!) by my friends Darin Tatum and Tom Hunt.

This is so beautiful…


CeltySturluson Durarara Thinking

Could it be?

So many questions…

Must be Photoshop.




Ah Ha! It is something called “CeltySturluson Durarara Thinking.”














2017 Ford Shelby GT350R in Lightning Blue





















Motorsports: DTM race Nuerburgring, Saison 2016, – 7. Event Nuerburgring, GER, #16 Timo Glock (GER, BMW Team RMG, BMW M4 DTM)





models of Compsognathus © Dr Karl ShukerLife-sized models of Compsognathus (© Dr Karl Shuker)

Life-sized Compsognathus models, in a photo by Dr Karl Shuker, from his blog post, entitled FROM MINI-REX TO MOON COW – UNRAVELLING THE RIDDLE OF AMERICA’S MODERN-DAY ‘RIVER DINOSAURS’ where they are shown to be somewhat similar to the current bipedal mini-rexes of Colorado and Wyoming.

colorado mini t rex

I was so, so deeply into this twenty years ago when it first appeared on the interwebz. There was an excellent site, run by an eyewitness, wherein the photos of the critters taken by the friend* were posted and the encounters described, but it has been lost to history for many years now.

  • Read Karl’s article above for all the details. Nobody gets down to the heart of a story like Karl.

Colorado river blur, baby! Ooh, that blur is so Fortean, don’tcha know. This is one of the friend’s pics, by the way.


I would love to just stake out different places in the most likely areas for a couple or three weeks each till my gear recorded something good. Naturally, I do not think for a second that this scenario could ever exist in my reality. Sigh.