The Shadows – ‘Time Is Tight’ with Freddie Starr

Published on Apr 12, 2009

The Shadows on The Freddie Starr Showcase in 1983. Very Funny.


These guys, playing this song, makes my Soul smile.

And that is Huge.



Brazil’s Bigfoot, Hairy Ape Like Beasts & Creatures

D. Hatswell Creature Reports
Published on May 22, 2019

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The Brazilian Bigfoot known as the Curinquean reportedly caused many problems for locals in March and April 1937.  For three long weeks this “creature” was said to have caused havoc with tribes people and farmers alike.  The owners of the cattle explained that a great number of animals had been attacked or taken by some unknown ‘creature’ which showed great strength. In all over 100 heads of cattle were destroyed. According to reports the ‘creature’ or Curinquean is a true giant, described as “very tall and bulky, with a long shaggy hairy coat, a flat head and a large brow”   With long powerful arms and very human like hands and feet, the footprints although human in look, did show claws or talons within the track.  Some residents of the region report the ‘creature’ as the Mapinguari which is also an upright hairy and has a terrible howl.  Reports and Folklore go back hundreds of years in the region.

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Great ! Brazil can always be counted on for weird happenings and these reports are no exception.

Thanks, Deb!



Booker T. & the MGs – Hang ‘em high

Published on May 31, 2009

Booker T & the MGs Live at The Strand, New York 1991

Booker T Jones – Hammond Organ
Steve Cropper – Guitar
Donald Duck Dunn – Bass
Anton Fig – Drums




Blind Faith ~ Can’t Find My Way Home ~ (Acoustic HD)

Published on Nov 23, 2013

Some things remain timeless.


Come down off your throne and leave your body alone
Somebody must change
You are the reason I’ve been waiting so long
Somebody holds the key
Well, I’m near the end and I just ain’t got the time
And I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home

Come down on your own and leave your body alone
Somebody must change
You are the reason I’ve been waiting all these years
Somebody holds the key
Well, I’m near the end and I just ain’t got the time
And I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home

And I ain’t done nothing wrong,
But I can’t find my way home.

Timeless is right. Such a thing of beauty.

It is quite a soothing piece to this tired old Soul.



Bravo to you, Mrs. Hawking! Bless you from the whole world.

This Was Stephen Hawking’s Last Words To The World

Unexplained Mysteries
Published on May 22, 2019

This was Stephen Hawking’s last words to the world. We take a look at one of Stephen Hawking’s last message to the world. Over the years there have been hundreds of predictions made and some of these have come true. Many different people from across the world make predictions about the future of humankind in an attempt to better understand and combat changing industries, personal obstacles, and events that may spell out doom for the rest of us. These predictions could come from self proclaimed psychics, emerging technologies in artificial intelligence, investors looking to predict future decisions and impacts on the economy or government research to provide intelligence relative to policy impact and decision making.

One individual that did make some interesting predictions was professor Stephen Hawking.

Thank you for watching!

Thank you to CO.AG for the background music!

This man is a hero and not just to me. Our generation’s Einstein. Such a spectacularly tuned mind. We had best heed his thoughts. Seriously.



hillary needs to die

The most evil frigging scum that has ever breathed air. She should STOP breathing air within minutes of this posting. Redefining “GARBAGE.”

And ASSHOLES want her to be PRESIDENT! They should die, too, for the crime of ultra stupidity.




Friends who fall together, stay friends forever.

(via disney_princess_emily)

So sweet and such a lasting, healing memory to give a little one.




A loveliness that is not permitted to exist in my world, per the powerful, permanent curse that God has placed upon my Soul.

As an aside, Google search this image and see what you get.




Crypto Hunt
Published on Feb 13, 2018

Enjoy this this beautifully filmed expedition documentary (in French only at this time – sorry) about my friend Michel Ballot and his team looking for Mokele-mbembe in the upper Dja River in Cameroon. Special thanks to Michel and Louis Salva for permission to upload this on my channel.

Enjoy! Share! And please subscribe. Thanks!

How thrilling it must be to be so close to such magnificent creatures. And how frustrating in the end.



David Paulides 2019 – Missing 411 | January 29 -2019 – Podcast

Missing 411
Published on Jan 29, 2019

David Paulides 2019 – Missing 411 | January 29 -2019 – Podcast what is the most embarrassing thing your children said out loud in public ? | r/Askreddit

These cases are incredibly creepy and extremely bizarre. A majority of them are, on the face of it, impossible. And yet, the fact that they are quite real can be quite frightening.




Another of the mysterious creatures of equatorial Africa is the monstrous Nguma-monene, which is described to the natives as a great snake, but with accessories for snakes rather unusual, serrated bone-like combs on the back. The forked tongue of the snakes is said to leave its mouth.



The translation of the indigenous name of Nguma-monene, or another indigenous name of Lingala, means “big boa or boa constrictor.”

Although Nguma-monene is described as a great snake, it is uncertain whether this is a snake, since the creature has always been It is quite possible that it is a large lizard or an unknown species of living dinosaur.

Nguma-monene is described in much the same way as the other cryptid Mbielu mbielu-mbiel, which is also sporadically observed in the Republic of Congo. It is quite likely that it is the same kind of creature. The size of the observed individuals is estimated to be from 40 to 60 m. Its observation is concentrated in the Congolese region of Dongou-Mataba and the Ubanga River. For those interested in the expedition, it is 250 km northwest of Dongou village, or 35 km from Impfondo village.

In 1961, Sister Michela Zabata, the first UN secretary, saw this creature. At work, she spotted a large mysterious animal 15 meters ahead in the river. She shouted the other natives and watched the gigantic creature in astonishment for over thirty minutes. Together they reported to the authorities a description of the animal.

In November 1971, local pastor Joseph Ellis Gets saw a twenty-meter-sized beast on the Mataba River. According to his information, the river was over sixty meters wide at the point of observation. His description of the creature totally coincided with the previous mass observation.

In consultation with the natives, he found that they knew the animal, but they were afraid to talk about it, for they would have called for misfortune.


I don’t know about you, but I am intrigued and I want it found!

Two testimonials of sightings of Nguma-monene exist that were done near the Dongu-Mataba (tributary of the Ubangi River) in the Republic of the Congo. The first was done in 1961; the second ten years later in 1971 by pastor Joseph Ellis. He estimated the length of the (visible) tailpart as 10 meters long (equal to his dugout, no neck or head could be seen), and a diameter of 0.5 to 1 meter. Its color was tending to greyish-brown. When back in the village, it appeared that the subject was taboo. The above and other sightings were gathered by University of Chicago biologist Roy P. Mackal, who led two expeditions to the Likouala swamps in the Republic of Congo, while searching for the Mokele-mbembe


If only I was wealthy and in good shape… you would find me out there hunting this creature and all his fantastic fellow monsters.




Mars 2020 pass

I am quite proud to have my name on this one, not least because it has microphones! Well, at least one, hopefully two because stereo.

My name’s etched into previous craft, too, but this one is equipped to find critters. And hear them. But hey, just the wind’d be good, eh.

The rover is scheduled to launch as early as July 2020, with the spacecraft expected to touch down on Mars in February 2021.


Get your name up there, eh…



Hitler at the Eden 1947


Hitler at the Eden 1947


Hitler at the Eden 1947


Hitler at the Eden 1947
hitler at eden 1947

The hotel was seized by the newly revamped Argentinian government in 1955, if I recall correctly and is currently in a very poor state. The preeminent researcher and the true discoverer of the South American situation, Harry Cooper has actually stayed here. As did Albert Einstein and a whole host of other famous folks way back when. It was, at the time, exceptionally remote and therefore quite safe. The Fuhrer and his Mrs. stayed in the Annex.

The photos above were taken in 1947.

Dig it.

History! Real History.



“Alone“ by Alberto Barrero

Alberto Barrero
Published on Mar 22, 2014

From “The Night’s Soul” album (… ) Gear: AFJ Custom Guitars “Classic S” (with Amalfitano pickups), Carl Martin “TOD,” “Echotone” and “Hot Driven’N Boost.” Fender Twin Reverb ‘65 RI (P.V Mod) amp. More info: and…

A great song for my ending.

“Looking for Answers” by Alberto Barrero – AFJ Custom Guitars / Carl Martin Effects demo

Alberto Barrero
Published on Mar 11, 2014

“Looking for Answers.” From “The Night’s Soul” album by Alberto Barrero (2008 ©). Recorded at “Blue Sphere” studio. More info: and…

So sweet. Alberto is so good…

“Road to the show” by Alberto Barrero – AFJ Custom Guitars “Classic S” demo

Alberto Barrero
Published on Feb 26, 2014

New song using my new AFJ guitar with a Fender Twin Reverb ‘65 RI, Carl Martin Echotone & TOD and Thundertomate OD-808. More info:

Lovely. Soothing.



What Huygens Saw On Titan – New Image Processing

Published on Jan 14, 2015

For the probe landing’s 10th anniversary, a new sequence has been rendered from Huygens’ Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer (DISR) data. The craft landed on Saturn’s largest moon on 14 Jan 2005. — Landing Animation:

Credit: Erich Karkoschka, DISR team, University of Arizona

Good stuff.



christ in the andes

The famed Christ the Redeemer statue stands atop Corcovado mountain.

How’d they get that up there?

Christ the Redeemer (Portuguese: Cristo Redentorstandard Brazilian Portuguese: [ˈkɾistu ʁedẽˈtoʁ], local pronunciation: [ˈkɾiɕtŭ̻ xe̞dẽ̞ˈtoɦ]) is an Art Deco statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, created by French sculptor Paul Landowski and built by Brazilian engineer Heitor da Silva Costa, in collaboration with French engineer Albert Caquot. Romanian sculptor Gheorghe Leonida fashioned the face. Constructed between 1922 and 1931, the statue is 30 metres (98 ft) high, excluding its 8-metre (26 ft) pedestal. The arms stretch 28 metres (92 ft) wide.[1][2]

The statue weighs 635 metric tons (625 long, 700 short tons), and is located at the peak of the 700-metre (2,300 ft) Corcovado mountain in the Tijuca Forest National Park overlooking the city of Rio de Janeiro. A symbol of Christianity across the world, the statue has also become a cultural icon of both Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, and is listed as one of the New7Wonders of the World.[3] It is made of reinforced concrete and soapstone.[4][5][6]

Corcovado, means “hunchback” in Portuguese, is a mountain in central Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is a 710-metre granite peak located in the Tijuca Forest, a national park. — Pikiwedia

Always dug it. It is a very cool thing.



Eugen Binkele

This nice young man, Gefreiter Eugen Binkele of the Luftwaffe, is the good fellow who met Hitler in Bogotá, Colombia, per the latest in the tireless research of Abel Basti.

The rank of Gefreiter is equal to Lance Corporal. I imagine he rose up the ladder pretty far.



Sasquatch Rescues a Child. Best Story Yet.

Dixie Cryptid
Published on Nov 2, 2018

Sasquatch Rescues a Child. Best Story Yet. This story was submitted last week and when I read it I could not wait to get it on the air. I think it is my favorite story about these creatures that I have heard…so far. I hope you enjoy it.

Intro music is Rolling with the Train_3, by Victor Olsson.
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Channel Art was provided by Tim Designs.

This is a most enjoyable tale. You’ll see!



DL the pdf – Eisenhower death camps

An incredibly disgusting sack of crap held up as a hero all these years.

I learned of this years ago. It still makes me sick.

Human garbage.



Gabrielle Araújo is in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

May 8 at 9:59 AM

A break in your day to see this wonderful video!!!! This amazing man called father helping this sloth that was in Rio Santos, the best of this video is the little face of gratitude she does!!!! 😍 ❤

“Que ingenuidade, que pobreza de espírito, dizer que os animais são máquinas privadas de conhecimento e sentimento, que procedem sempre da mesma maneira, que nada aprendem, nada aperfeiçoam!”

Animals are sentient beings and deserve all our respect and have the right to life with dignity. 🤗

“For licensing and usage, contact [email protected]


Beauty of Planet Earth
April 16

Not all heroes wear capes 🐢 💦

Wonderful, Wonderful!





by Olga Klimova

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Olga Klimova started creating art as a result of deep and mystical experiences followed by a practice of Vipassana meditation. The memory of the blissful state of being able to connect to a deeper level of consciousness created the urge to share this experience with the world. Many forms of visual expression were chosen to manifest the vision. Having gotten a strong Russian classical art school background years ago, Olga first created WizArt Visions, a scenography design and production studio which has developed numerous backdrops, fabric installations, U.V. paintings and stage settings for the transformational festival scene. During the 2012 Visions in the Mischtechnik Seminar in Italy, Olga studied egg tempera and oil glazing with visionary masters Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage and Maura Holden. Through the deepening of her meditative practice and this completely new approach to sacred painting, she was able to discover the whole new dimension in expressing her vision. Her artwork became more spontaneous, intuitive and alive. Today, Olga exhibits her art internationally while teaching painting and maintaining her WizArt Visions design studio. Lucid dreams, channeled visions and deep meditation continue to inspire her work, which seeks to evoke the shared feeling of our deep interconnectedness. “…Putting the mind aside and trusting the flow of creation, listening to the painting and one’s own subconscious, not trying to control what’s happening and letting go – all are very useful skills not only during painting,” she says, “but in life.”


I like this. It’s rather cool and very deep.



Crow Rides Eagle


Crow Rides Eagle


Crow Rides Eagle


Crow Rides Eagle


Crow Rides Eagle


Crow Rides Eagle

Crow Rides On The Back Of An Eagle In Once-In-A-Lifetime Photos

By​ Dovas

Phoo Chan, a talented California-based bird photographer whose photos have been featured by National Geographic, has captured an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime series of photos of a crow landing and riding on the back of a bald eagle mid-flight.

According to Chan, “Crows are known for aggressively harassing other raptors that are much bigger in size when spotted in their territories and usually these ‘intruders’ simply retreat without much fuss. However, in this frame the crow did not seem to harass the bald eagle at such close proximity and neither did the bald eagle seem to mind the crow’s presence invading its personal space. What made it even more bizarre was that the crow even made a brief stop on the back of the eagle as if it was taking a free scenic ride and the eagle simply obliged.”

As strange as this photo may be, it’s not the first time that such a rare and unexpected sight has been spotted by a photographer – check out the baby weasel that took a ride on this woodpecker!

More info: 500px | Twitter | Flickr


Absolutely Fabulous!

On so many levels…



Barnabas Collins

Barnabas Collins!

Played so beautifully by Jonathan Frid, this character was a big part of my paranormal upbringing.

I used to run home from school to watch him in the show Dark Shadows with my wonderful Mom, God rest her blessed Soul, who I really want to see again. Soon.

God bless my Mom for turning me on to such wonderful things.