non-N.A.R.T. 365 GTB/4

The stunning and iconic Ferrari 365 GTB/4. The regular non-N.A.R.T. variety.

N.A.R.T. 365 GTB/4

Iconic for a reason… it was g o o d ! Affectionately known as “Daytona.”

The red #1 car above originates from here in my hometown, just up the road at the home of the North American Racing Team of Luigi Chinetti. God, did I love going over there.






A Black Hole is an extraordinarily massive, improbably dense knot of spacetime that makes a living swallowing or slinging away any morsel of energy that strays too close to its dark, twisted core. Anyone fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to directly observe one of these beasts in the wild would immediately notice the way its colossal gravitational field warps all of the light from the stars and galaxies behind it, a phenomenon known as gravitational lensing.

Thanks to the power of supercomputers, a curious observer no longer has to venture into outer space to see such a sight. A team of astronomers has released their first simulated images of the lensing effects of not just one, but two black holes, trapped in orbit by each other’s gravity and ultimately doomed to merge as one.

Source: mirkokosmos



I eat for hours

Badly needed for purpose and sanity at the least and hopefully more, please help.

No reciprocation required. Sessions can easily last hours, as they are under your control, so do bring a book or a player.

In close proximity to beautiful downtown Cos Cob, CT. Stay as long as you like.

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Daily sketch 13 feb 2019


Cryptozoology challenge 9

by axelmedellin

I note that this is the first time I have ever taken these critters seriously. I don’t think a creature like this would ever wear a sheet or walk like they did. LOL But this rendering I dig.






AMX3 by American Motors

It is a sad thing that this fantastic machine never got past the handful that got built. Look at that thing… it’s gorgeous. Long the company that “didn’t get it” … when they finally did, they blew them all away with this.

And then, they collapsed in upon themselves like collapsing things do.


Joffre Glacier

From lsleofskye, via ponderation

Joffre Glacier | emmett_sparling

Location: Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada


Looks like a fabulous place to be alive and to reset your soul’s footings.

be well