The historic victory at Standing Rock

This news thrilled me no end.

The oil company is clearly insane so look sharp my brothers!

AIGI “Normo Jovnna”

Music video for the song “NORMO JOVNNA”
by the band AIGI
Directed by Benedicte Maria Orvung
Produced by Orvung film A/S (c)

Love this song, a fabulous Sami yoik.

Like many, I originally believed and posted this to be a Native American song, for it was presented like that to the world by a bunch of groups including Ayllu Records who has it by a most excellent band, Lay o lay aleloya – Manantial from Ecuador. After hearing the real version, one easily note that the band from Ecuador is only singing one little phrase from the song. Interesting how they name the song with that phrase, too… Weird.

But they lied.

I posted about it over at WATT.

Wait, what’s a yoik?

Amazing sami song in Sweden’s Got Talent – YouTube

 Mar 7, 2014 – Uploaded by Pelthunter

*A joik, (also spelled yoik), luohti, vuolle, leu’dd, or juoiggus is a traditional Samiform of song. Originally …

The Sami Yoik – LAITS

The Sami Yoik. Kathryn Burke. The yoik, a unique form of cultural expression for the Sami people, can be understood as a metaphor for Sami traditional culture …

Sámi Culture and the Yoik – FolkWorld

Ursula Länsman, member of the Sámi Band Angelit, introduces in this article her … events, beliefs and teachings form the traditional core of the Sámi yoik, tales …

“Joik” Is The Beautiful And Haunting Folk Music You Need In Your Life…/joik-is-the-beautiful-and-haunting-folk-music-you-need-in-yo

Oct 3, 2014 – The Sámi joik to honor someone or something in their lives. It’s not what you would traditionally call a “song” but instead is an expression of the …

Sami traditional joiking and the story of Akanidi, the daughter of the sun…

Jul 27, 2014 – A joik (also spelled yoik), is a traditional Sami form of song. Originally, joik referred to only one of several Sami singing styles, but in English the …

Indigenous Sámi singer powers COP21 mobilisations with her yoik

Oct 14, 2015 – She has made a powerful yoik, a traditional Sámi song, for everyone to learn ahead of the mobilisations in Paris. It’s called “Gulahallat …

Lapponia: What is joiking or yoiking? And how can you hear it?

Jan 18, 2008 – Ursula Länsman, member of the Sámi Band Angelit, describes it very well. “A yoik is not merely a …

There ya go.


This is great!
Rashmeet is really neat!

Black Sabbath “War Pigs” [LIVE Melbourne, Australia 2013] HD 1080p

Black Sabbath “War Pigs” [LIVE Melbourne, Australia 2013] HD 1080p

Classic music from my youth.


Roy Buchanan – In the Beginning (Live)

Music video by Roy Buchanan performing In the Beginning.

Roy was a true guitar master’s master of the guitar.

So good.


Tour Through Adolf Hitler’s Argentina

With photos and comments by Sharkhunter Harry Cooper. Rense Radio, July 19, 2013.

Harry Cooper, author of Escape From The Bunker (2003), with Jeff Rense, July 19, 2013.
website Harry Cooper:

March 14, 2014.
Harry Cooper: “FBI ADMITS HITLER ESCAPED – We have received a lot of emails from Members telling that the FBI has released a few documents admitting that they knew that Adolf Hitler got out. Thanks to these Members – but shame on the jerks sending this out in blogs as if they have discovered something. Same shame on the so-called “researchers” and “authors” who used these few documents to write their books. Yes, these are genuine FBI documents in which the FBI admits that Adolf Hitler (and others) escaped but these SECRET documents were all uncovered by our own S.E.I.G. Agent TAUCHER a couple years ago. TAUCHER found these and dozens more documents of the FBI and also the CIA that stated these agencies and our government knew that Hitler and others escaped. This is not new news – these posers used the files that TAUCHER found and got declassified then Sharkhunters reported. Thanks to Members who sent these blogs posted by wanna-bee posers and huge thanks to TAUCHER for the hard work finding and declassifying these documents. While the poser blogs show a few FBI documents, TAUCHER has sent us so many that we had to buy an entire new file cabinet to house them.”

More, with many photos on…

Photos Hitler in Argentina on:

Wonderful stuff.

Michael Jackson – 1972 – 08 – Maria (You Were the Only One)
Published on Nov 20, 2013
Michael Jackson – 1972 – 08 – Maria (You Were the Only One)
©1971*, Motown Record Company
©1972, Motown Record Company

Producer of the Album Got to be there: Hal Davis, Willie Hutch

Song written by: Lawrence Brown, Linda Glover, George Gordy and Allen Story


Maria hey hey Maria
Maria don’t you hear me calling Maria
Maria girl you know you were the only one
Hey hey Maria
Maria don’t you miss me just a little
Maria after all you were the only one
Come on back to me Maria
Maria come on back to me girl
Hey hey Maria
Maria it’s been long so long
Maria since you’ve been gone
Hey hey Maria
Maria don’t you need me just a little
Maria ’cause honest girl you were the only one
Come on back to me Maria
Oh come on back to me girl

Maria I need you
Maria why d’you keep a-running away
Oh baby you keep a-running away
Oh baby yeah Maria
I need you honey
Oh Maria you sweet little sunflower
Oh hear my plea for sympathy
I just want you here with me Maria
If you’re on that lonely night
What’s my life without you girl
I’m so lonely I’m so blue
Without you darling my life is through
Come on back

Such an amazing talent.

It is quite sad that he had such a strange life due to being yanked from childhood at such an early age.

Because of that and from listening to him speak on occasion I am not in the camp that thinks he was a monster.

Just not, sorry. I think the dude was alright.



This thing’s got me all giddy n stuff…!

OMG and all that!

via the mighty Fifaridu.

Way beyond fabulous, surely.

ej58419e43Fogdome (!), caught by the mysterious Hannah, who is one of the BBC’s Weather Watchers, while she was out walking her woofer in Denbighshire, north east Wales.

“I just couldn’t believe how perfectly dome shaped it was. After about 10 minutes it started to flatten and looked like low lying cloud along the fields but over quite a big area, it was huge”


Met Office and BBC Weather Centre Forecaster John West shares with us his thoughts on what could be causing this effect.
“This is a very unusual phenomenon, but the most likely explanation is that the “fog dome” has been caused by a source of heat close to the ground, possibly an agricultural building or a relatively warm pool of water. As the fog has formed in the valley this heat source has forced the fog to lift away from the ground into a dome as warmer air rises; like a hot air balloon.”…

via gortex
Just super!

qv58345ef3This fabulous photo of a rare (hey, I had never even heard of one) fog bow or white rainbow was captured by Melvin Nicholson while  the lad was out walking on Rannoch Moor in the west of Scotland.

Love that lonely tree that Melvin got to pose in just the right spot.



My dear friend Andy just posted this and I thought it should be on here for you to see as well.

Andrea Ruehrwein Raynor shared AJ+’s video.
“Truth, humor, and horror”

AJ+ with Francesca Fiorentini.
Wednesday, November 23, 2016 at 3:39pm

Trump’s been compared to Andrew Jackson, a president infamous for brutality against Native Americans.

And that’s not good for Standing Rock.

This is pretty sad, but then the truth usually causes that sort of feeling.

For the safety of every one of us, I am grateful for how things turned out, as, we definiteley dodged a bullet.

However, they were both funded by the same old crew of global slime, so, we must be as vigilant as ever.

Selected, same result no matter who… all that applies.

But this shit for frigging oil is bullshit.


Yearly Overview

Stats for 2016

Month Raw Unique Sales Earned
January 0 0 0 $0
February 0 0 0 $0
March 0 0 0 $0
April 0 0 0 $0
May 10 7 0 $0
June 43 33 0 $0
July 30 27 0 $0
August 16 14 0 $0
September 12 12 0 $0
October 17 17 0 $0
November 11 11 0 $0
December 0 0 0 $0
TOTALS: 139 121 0 $0

The abomination shown above is my report from the headshop.

I have learned to expect exactly what it shows.

Just adds fuel.





I am less and less sure each day that what I experience as reality actually is reality.

It seems “off.” An alternate.

I am not lovin’ it.

So here are some dangerous women.

Y’all are dangerous.



“OMGoddess,” he croaked…










Greg Martin celebrates Merle Travis’ Birthday!

Using his favorite old parlor guitar, Greg Martin offers a tribute to the late Merle Travis, who was born on this day 99 years ago. “Merle was the pride of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, and is one of my biggest influences,” said Greg. “He also influenced Chet Atkins, Doc Watson, Tommy Emmanuel, Scotty Moore, Brian Setzer, and many others. Chet said if it weren’t for Merle, he’d probably have spent his life looking at the rear end of a mule!” Check out Greg’s snippet of Merle’s classic, “Nine Pound Hammer.” Keep up with Greg at


Merle was magnificent.

Greg’s pretty good, too, eh?!.


B-Space. (Utilise your best K-9 voice please)

B for Bizarre.

The potholes are deep and the curbs are strong.

Lost a friendship here, it seems, hopefully not forever. So, yes, strong are my demons, here in this place. They love the energy.

I, on the other hand, and perhaps others, find it way too dark. Yeesh.

This is a zone that should have a rough pavement sign on it.

Maybe that friendship will return. In theory, like, you know. We’ll see.


Got that pic from Charles, too, I’m pretty sure, at least. Nice, eh!

But, yeah…

It is strange here… ooby shooby… creepy crawly.

But, oh man, what about timinu kulu skarp?




Seems legit.

And very economical, too.

PentaProps™ to my dear Cindy, the girl who’s goin’ there with me!



Things to see on Mars: “go home, Erosion, you’re drunk!”

— Charles W Shults III



I am just glad we are starting to see some good stuff again.

Makes sense there would be more goodies ‘round the edges, eh?

Gotta get this image number…


Give Me One Good Reason

Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

Give Me One Good Reason · Jeff Strahan

Amen to the Blues

℗ 2008 Jeffery V. Strahan, Sr.

Released on: 2008-01-01

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Don’t you miss the fabulous guitar solo, now, y’hear?!



I Ain’t Got It

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

I Ain’t Got It · Jimmy Dawkins

Kant Sheck Dees Bluze

℗ 1991 Earwig Music Company, Inc.

Released on: 2005-07-19

Music Publisher: Leric Music

Auto-generated by YouTube.


Joe Bonamassa – One Of These Days

Check out Joe Bonamassa’s Channel here:
Get your FREE download of Joe’s “When the fire hits the sea” here:

Get your FREE Download of Joe Bonamassa’s track “Slow Train”:

Get your FREE download of Joe’s “Dust Bowl” here:


MonkeyJunk – Tiger In Your Tank
Uploaded on Jan 21, 2009
MonkeyJunk performs the title track single from their Debut Album “Tiger In Your Tank.” Recorded in St. John’s, Newfoundland in September 2008 for TV show “Out Of The Fog.”
Steve Marriner – Vocals/Harp/Guitar
Tony D – Guitar
Matt Sobb – Drums/Shaker

Cool stuff… very cool. Mixing traditional with modern in clever ways.
Blues sweet Blues

I have ruined it all.

Yes. All of it.

Inevitable, surely.

I am so profoundly naive, stupid and suchlike it boggles the mind.

Even my own.

Especially my own.

“Don’t be sad,” I was told.

I can be no other way.

Until I can stop being an ass.

Oh no.


Manu Dibango Soul Makossa Live 1983 YouTube

Mick Fleetwood Blues Band – Albatross [Official Audio] Feat. Rick Vito

Fleetwood Mac

Official Audio of “Albatross [Feat. Rick Vito]” By The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band.
Get The New Album From Stevie Nicks “24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault”:
“Crystal Visions – The Very Best of Stevie Nicks” Transparent “Crystal Clear” Double Vinyl is Available for Purchase Now!
Warner Brothers:

Oh man, so sweet.

You can feel the love and reverence.

Beautiful 🙂

The photographer’s website, cmoon view is well worth checking out.

Much splendor awaiteth thee there.

Elle King – Good Girls (from the “Ghostbusters” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Get Elle King’s new song “Good Girls”‘ off the ‘Ghostbusters’ Motion Picture Soundtrack Now!
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Get Elle King’s Album ‘Love Stuff’ featuring “Ex’s & Oh’s” and “America’s Sweetheart” now:
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This is such a fun song and Ms King is definitely all that.

I really like her Exs and Ohs, too…

Just… adorable.

Like her and her delicious voice.



Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac ~ ”Have You Ever Loved A Woman”(Electric Blues Live 1968)

Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac without Danny Kirwan
Live At Carousel Ballroom Jun 9 , 1968 San Francisco CA
*Disclaimer: All audio & visual parts in my videos are the sole property of their respective owners.
The videos are purely for entertainment and recreational purposes.
No Copyright infringement intended!
All rights go to their rightful owners.
I do not own the rights of the music.
For your information, if a band or an artist wishes one or some of the songs/videos to be removed from my channel’s upload list, it is advisable to come into contact with me by sending a personal message and I will delete it or them as soon as possible.

It has been way too long since I posted something from the Lord God, you dig?

So here we go, whee!


Actually Greeny will be very upset at the titling of this clip as “Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac,” because he is a good man. That phrasing always upset him and it happened quite a lot as he was, in point of fact, the founder of the band, so… somewhat inevitable. Ah. well, let us drop semantics and just enjoy the Blues.