JRE #852 – John Anthony West from JoeRogan on Vimeo.


#852. John Anthony West is an author, lecturer, guide and a proponent of Sphinx water erosion hypothesis in geology.

John is a long-time personal friend and mentor and I think the world of him.
He knows what he is talking about, especially regarding Egypt and rest assured on most other things as well.

I am adding a paragraph here on 9/29 as I was just noticing that whoever writes the Rogan blurb above mentioned the water erosion “hypothesis.” This, dear readers, is a big part of the problem in our culture of total science ignorance and arrogance. It is not a hypothesis. It is a fact. Theories have nothing to do with the fact that the Sphinx is water-eroded. I know Mr Rogan and crew did not mean it in a bad way, I just thought it an interesting marker as it caught my eye just now while looking over the blog and listening to Cafe Enigma.

Visit his site at JAWest.net and his blog, Phoenixfire, where John has his own podcasts!

Missing 411 David Paulides | Conspiracy Culture 2016
Published on May 24, 2016
May 21st 2016 | FULL Presentation and Q&A with David Paulides in Toronto, Canada, with introductions by Richard Syrett and Patrick Whyte, featuring David Paulides author of Missing 411 series ‘Unexplained disappearances of missing persons’ … The CanAm Missing Project http://www.canammissing.com/

The Conspiracy Show hosted by Richard Syrett http://conspiracyshow.strangeplanet.ca

Conspiracy Culture http://conspiracyculture.com

Oh, man, I love this stuff so much!
It’s creepy. It’s scary. It stretches the mind!
One keeps making attempts to imagine a scenario that can accommodate this phenomenon.
So far no one has a clue. Some have proferred theories but I am not a fan of any of them.
Be careful out there!

Rally Group B – Tribute

Published on Mar 2, 2014
All images and music included are not in my own possession.

This is a tribute to the rallying of the middle 80’s, when Group B monsters dominated the championship. There were no serious restrictions for the cars and no limitations for developing, the tracks were extremely dangerous and the crowd were as close to the cars as possible. As the result of rapid evolution the cars became as powerful as F1 cars and it was too much for human abilities to keep them on the nasty roads on the limit. In 1986, after several horrible crashes, FIA banned Group B rallying forever.

Editor- David Režný
Music – Artist: Ludovico Einaudi Title: Divenire

This is really quite nicely done. Bravo, mate.
Oh, man, those were the days.
Then the liberal do-gooders invaded and ruined everything.

Ana Popovic – Navajo Moon – LIVE PARIS 2014
TZ7LIVE Published on Jul 9, 2014Ana Popovic @ Le New Morning, PARIS 08/07/2014
A tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan

Ana plays Stevie…
What could be better?

Jane Fever
Published on Sep 26, 2016
Jane Rodriguez sings and plays saxophone on peggy lees Fever at the Onan Gold Pyramid House 9/24/2016
in Gurnee Illinois

and here, from the same show…another favorite tune!

Jane Rodriguez performing “Summertime”
Published on Sep 25, 2016
Jane singing on 9/24/2016 at the Onan Pyramid House in Gurnee Illinois. Veterans benefit with her Band Eddie Domino and the Domino Effect

Jane is also a researcher of the types of things that float my boat, so, you know, yay!
I do note a touch of innocence and vulnerability to tall tales. But hey, I get hit sometimes. So yeah.

She goes out there and looks, which is huge.

and then she comes back and does this!


Everybody Plays the Fool (Remastered)

The Main Ingredient - Topic

Published on Nov 7, 2014
Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

Everybody Plays the Fool (Remastered) · The Main Ingredient

A Quiet Storm

℗ 1972 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Released on: 1996-04-30

Associated Performer: The Main Ingredient
Composer, Lyricist: Rudolph Clark
Composer, Lyricist: Ralph Bailey
Composer, Lyricist: Kenneth Williams
Arranger: Bert De Coteaux
Conductor: Bert de Coteaux
Producer: Silvester
Producer: Simmons
Engineer: Jim Crotty
Producer, Re- Mastering Engineer: Bill Lacey
Producer, Re- Mastering Engineer: Mike Hartry

Auto-generated by YouTube.




I always seem to play the fool…




This is Ötzi. Handsome lad from 5,000 years ago, delivered by the ice.

He was discovered 25 years ago this month.

As gortex
Knight of Ni
Member reminds us all, me and now you, in 25th Anniversary of Ötzi “The Ice Man” discovery:

25 years ago this month Ötzi was discovered in the Ötztal Alps , the ice in which he was entombed delivered his body to the surface to be discovered by Helmut and Erika Simon who were walking the Alpine paths , Ötzi was a gift to mankind and is the oldest natural mummy in the world.

Ötzi has provided me with 25 years of wonder , the mystery of the Ice Man has slowly been uncovered over the years to give us a glimpse into the life and death of a Neolithic hunter , his tools and clothing were also found giving us a unique insight into the technology of his world.

 super moderator

a reply to: gortex

I love the Otzi story; so much knowledge of the past from one small guy. Look at the tattoos? They tell the story of him being in a community and lying down whilst the resident tattooist inked him with the hypothetically meridian points of acupuncture. They’d have done the small talk thing we all do when we get hair cut or sit in the dentists. The scene would have been alive with the sounds of others in the group/tribe and the region would have been alive with wildlife. There was probably a smell of smoke as a fire burned and maybe people were chatting in the background or humming to themselves.

There’s a great Radiolab show about him you’ll enjoy – An Ice-Cold Case.

Botanist Jim Dickson, graphic artist Aaron Birk, and Albert Zinc, head of the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman, describe how scientific advances and modern forensic breakthroughs have uncovered an ancient tale of violence and humanity.
He was like an SAS soldier at a time when most people were hard as nails to survive. From his stomach contents to the defence wounds to the wiry musculature – times were very tough and lean too.

So cool.

In Focus: Ötzi “The Ice Man” (2016: 25th Anniversary)

Welcome to In Focus. In this series we take a closer look at particular sites, finds and objects from the world of Archaeology.

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Ötzi’s discovery…


They have done work on the lads acoustics as well… See This is what Ötzi the Iceman sounded like. Pretty creepy, tbh.

Ecco la voce di Ötzi, ricostruita dagli studiosi di Bolzano

Era questa la voce di Ötzi o, almeno, una approssimazione di come dovevano suonare le sue vocali, le cinque dell’alfabeto italiano. Una ricostruzione possibile grazie al lavoro dei ricercatori di foniatria dell’ospedale San Maurizio di Bolzano, coordinato dal dottor Francesco Avanzini e dal primario del reparto di Otorinolaringoiatria Rolando Füstös. La scansione del condotto vocale della mummia del Similaun, ritrovata nel 1991 intrappolata nel ghiaccio al confine tra Sudtirolo e Austria, ha dunque permesso di ipotizzarere quale dovesse essere la voce di quest’uomo, vissuto 5.300 anni fa. Il risultato della ricerca è stato presentato al Meeting Eurac di settembre proprio a Bolzano, dedicato allo studio delle mummie e, in particolare, di Ötzi, in occasione dei 25 anni dalla sua scoperta

(a cura di Matteo Marini)

What a voice!

That would sound so very strange.

I remember when they found him. It was exciting!



Save the Horses!
This BLM is BS.
Bastards Killing Horses.
This is what America has become.

Saving America’s Horses

September 11 at 6:46pm ·

UPDATE: Fate of 44,000 Wild Horses remains under Threat of EXTERMINATION pending BLM decision TBA spring 2017. Meanwhile status quo BLM practices leave horses with no real protection from killing or slaughter.

On Sept 9, 2016 the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), Advisory Board voted to recommend EXTERMINATING over 44,000 innocent wild American Mustangs who have been brutally rounded up and are currently held wrongly under encampment
We must STAND TOGETHER & TAKE ACTION to STOP this looming Genocidal Atrocity Before it’s too late.
How to help:
STAND WITH US – Click to JOIN:http://www.savingamericashorses.org/join_comestandwithus.ht…
Download App on your PHONE: http://apps.appmakr.com/standwithus
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I have always liked the dogman and it appears the pupster is hot stuff again.

Complain I will not. Best of all, some friends are doing their best to see what is going on!

Northwoods Lycans
Published on Sep 7, 2016

2 weeks ago
Make sure you refer to the Phantoms and Monsters article…

also posted by

JC Johnson
JC Johnson
Published on Sep 7, 2016

No description is offered by either of these wonderful folks. They are both friends and they are both good people so I will look on the bright side that they are making me write, which is not a bad thing at all and I need good distractions or my brain will make my mind tear itself apart. Most likely. Or something like that. It’d be nasty.

As for the dogman, I was very into the video that made the rounds a while ago and was so disappointed to find it a fake …but…I do have a spot in my heart for the creature to be out there. I do not see anything that would prevent it being so.

Mysterious Creatures| Dogman | Werewolves | Monster in America
ParanormalZoneTV - Do You Believe Web Series
ParanormalZoneTV – Do You Believe Web Series
Streamed live on Sep 8, 2016
Dogman, unexplained real monster – are they werewolves, if not what are they…lurking in woods, roadsides and backyards. What do these creatures want….They look like werewolves, but are they? They stand six-feet tall, are covered in fur, and possess both a wolf-like head and the ability to walk upright. Whatever one chooses to call them–werewolf, dogman or manwolf–an astonishing number of witnesses across the U.S.A. have encountered these creatures on roadsides, in the woods, and near their own homes. They swear the unknown canines are as menacing as they are real. And if these creatures aren’t werewolves, what could they be? My guest, Linda Godfrey, Author In her third book, the Michigan Dogman talks about this continuing mystery, author and investigator Linda Godfrey takes readers on a state-by-state creature hunt, exploring many new and shocking reports and leaving no bone unturned in her search for the beast’s true nature.
Michigan and the legend of the Michigan Dogman! The Michigan Dogman is a cryptozoological creature first reported in 1887 in Wexford County, Michigan. The creature is described as a seven-foot tall, blue-eyed, bipedal canine with the torso of a man and a fearsome howl that sounds like a human scream. According to legends, the Michigan Dogman appears in a ten-year cycle. Sightings have been reported in several locations throughout Michigan, primarily in the northwestern quadrant of the Lower Peninsula. In 1987, the legend of the Michigan Dogman gained popularity when a disc jockey at WTCM-FM recorded a song about the creature and its reported sightings. This creature was unknown to most of the modern world until very late in the twentieth century. It is said to have been stalking the area around the Manistee River since the days when the Odawa tribes lived there
Host ~ Norene Sampiere Balovich
Guest – Linda Godfrey, Author and Investigator


As the boffins attempt to set the torque on a few of my loose screws, I thought you might like these recent finds.


I love these. Full HD, clickers… and green wheels, man, green wheels!


BMW E21. I had one. Super sexy styling. Very nice car. This one looks quite the business, unless there’s a speed bump.


Shelby. Say no more.

2017 Ford Shelby GT350R in Lightning Blue

2017 Ford Shelby GT350R in Lightning Blue

Carroll’s spirit lives on.


Black Bentley, up to no good.


New and strong


Old and strong




Lola T70


Abel Basti posted a video from September 23, 2014 to his timeline.
September 23, 2014 Villa La Angostura, Argentina
Residencia Hitler (Inalco), bajo la nevada

Nice place. There is a building much like this a little farther back in the woods in it’s own clearing. Lots of other smaller buildings. Even hangars and watchtowers, which used to be fully manned.

A little chilly out the day this was taken.


Cream – Born Under A Bad Sign

Uploaded on Jul 26, 2011
Album – Wheels Of Fire

This, folks, this song, is the most perfect description of how my journey on this strange planet has been.
That is correct. Just like these lyrics describe.
I have a particular love of this version, just in the right place at the right time and the fact that these three Gods had a chemistry that is a rare thing indeed hurt the sitch not one bit.

Bass Players United
about 3 months ago
Kinga Głyk – Tears in Heaven

Pretty darn fabulous, don’tcha think?
I do !

We’re proud to be American Native added a new video.

STOP!!! And share this around the world . Thank you for sharing.Please post where you’re from so I can track how far the video is going..
Newborn fawn is curious about the little girl, now WATCH what the little girl does next… WOW!


Hadda post.  Just lovely…!

PentaProps™ to Sally Petrone for the posting and the sharing.

I like it better silent, music’s a bit much for me.



Encounters with Little People
Expanded Perspectives Podcast
Expanded Perspectives Podcast
Published on Aug 15, 2016

On this episode of expanded perspectives Cam and Kyle start off talking about how giant traps called desert kites—some of which are 8,000 years old—were built across animal migration routes by Old World pastoralists. Then, last Sunday, Scotland achieved something great – for the first time on record, wind power alone generated 106 percent of Scotland’s electricity needs in a single day. Environmental group WWF Scotland has just confirmed that on 7 August 2016, wind turbines in Scotland pumped 39,545 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity into the National Grid, while the nation’s homes, businesses, and industry needed just 37,202 MWh. Then, most of us are pretty good at acting on the fly: swerving to avoid an obstacle in the road, ducking to keep from being hit, or reflexively catching a fly ball. We can do this because the brain is constantly running simulations of the physics involved as we scan our environment, according to a new series of brain imaging studies. All that processing is done by a handful of regions involved in planning actions, which kick into gear whenever we watch physical events unfold around us. The team responsible for the new studies has dubbed it the brain’s “physics engine,” and suggest it could help design more nimble robots. They described their work in a new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Then, the term foo fighter was used by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific Theater of Operations. Though “foo fighter” initially described a type of UFO reported, (named by the U.S. 415th Night Fighter Squadron) the term was also commonly used to mean any UFO sighting from that period. Formally reported from November 1944 onwards, incidents were reported throughout WWII. Witnesses often assumed that the foo fighters were secret weapons employed by the enemy, but they remained unidentified post-war and were reported by both Allied and Axis forces. The foo fighter experiences of Allied pilots were taken very seriously. Most of the information about the issue has never been released by military intelligence. Kyle relays two such sightings. After the break, Cam brings up some very interesting encounters with little people or fae folk. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives.

Show Notes:

•Giant “Arrows” Seen From Space Point to a Vanished World
•Scotland Just Generated More Power Than it Needs from Wind Turbines Alone
•We Are All Intuitive Physicists, Scientist Say
•UFOs During the Second World War
•The Witchery

All music for Expanded Perspectives is provided by Pretty Lights. Purchase, Download and Donate at www.prettylightsmusic.com.

Songs Used:
•Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin
•The Time Has Come
•So Much In The Dark
•Future Blind

If you look over on the sidebar you will see a quote from an old English book called The Fairies by William Allingham that expresses the very real fear that people had back then of what were referred to as “little men.” These little men put canceled to many a hunting trip. Short in stature only, they were, apparently.

Remember now, these people did have guns…

So…that tells you something. Or should.

But check it out. Starts at 20 minutes.

It is truly … fascinating.


Giant Prehistoric Apes of South East Asia [FULL DOCUMENTARY]
Bug Out
Bug Out
Published on Nov 12, 2014
A Giant Prehistoric Ape was believed to have roamed the jungles of southeastern Asia for around a million years. Many believe that these giant prehistoric apes may be behind the Bigfoot and Yeti sightings of the modern era. Modern day sightings of giant apes in North America and Asia are very interesting. The fossil record suggests that individuals of the species Gigantopithecus blacki were the largest known apes that ever lived, standing up to 3 m (9.8 ft), and weighing up to 540 kg (1,190 lb)
This Giant Prehistoric Apes of South East Asia documentary investigates claims that these the prehistoric giant apes, could still be thriving in the jungles of south east Asia.

This Documentary goes in search of the Giant Prehistoric Apes of South East Asia, one of the few documentaries ever based on this Giant Ape. Watch the full documentary here and if you like this show, please like and subscribe for more full documentaries.

This one couldn’t go in the rock ape post as they are not the same fellows at all. Rock apes are our size and smaller, mostly. They do get get reports of big guys over there in Rockie’s territory sometimes… those are not rock apes but they are the subject of this video and would be our Sasquatch species and the Yeren and perhaps others.

Is Bigfoot a Gigantopithecus? Could very well be, or a subspecies.

There is absolutely no natural reason whatsoever as to why the creatures, in any and all their variations, cannot exist out there in the world today.





Rock Apes of Vietnam

Expanded Perspectives Podcast

Expanded Perspectives Podcast

Published on Jul 5, 2014

Music: “Total Fascination” by Pretty Lights

The topic starts at the 22:00 minute mark and goes up to 50:00 minutes.

Having not heard of these creatures before a couple of years ago for some reason, I have become quite fascinated by them.

There isn’t much collated information. Which is understandable as the folks having encounters were rather busy trying to stay alive and weren’t allowed cameras off base at any rate, to answer the youthfully naive query as to why there aren’t any pictures.

Now that the good people of Vietnam make our clothes and such and are our buds again maybe that can change!

But from the stories on the webz these critters are at best annoying af and at worst actually murderous.

So, yeah. Drones, anyone?

Here is another podcast with two other interesting fellows who do a section on rock apes…

Soldiers attacked by Wild Ape Men – SLP3-23

Come join us a Rev. Jeff and Dr. David Batdorf have a redo and take on the Vietnam Rock Apes. Join us for an unscrambled rendition of the show google failed us on. As always we will cover the news of the week and get your final update before the Bigfoot camp out next week. All this and more tonight at 7pm PST 9pm CST 10pm EST 3am UK and 12noon AUE on www.youtube.com/sloungepodcast/live

this show is pretty interesting and they haven’t started on the apes, yet.

I subscribed. I thought it was well rounded.

And here is one of the first things I ever saw about these creatures, oh, years ago now. I remember being very impressed that it was Linda Moulton Howe who actually went out there in the outskirts of the jungle. Excellent stuff.

Rock Apes – Vietnam Bigfoot reports
Cosmic Polymath
Cosmic Polymath
Published on Mar 1, 2012

See now, that is what you call gettin’ pretty darn remote.

Oratorio – “The Seasonings”, S. 1/2 TSP.

P.D.Q. Bach - Topic

Published on Mar 14, 2014
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Oratorio – “The Seasonings”, S. 1/2 TSP. · Peter Schickele · Unknown / Bilinmiyor

An Hysteric Return

℗ 1990 Vanguard Records, A Welk Music Group Company. All Rights Reserved.

Composer: Unknown / Bilinmiyor

Not sure what YT and these gol dang rekkid companies are doing with this composer unknown business… I mean… it was P.D.Q. Bach fer God’s sake!


*he swoons*


Luca Rally

Published on Sep 13, 2016
Ecco il video relativo ai test effettuati da Fiorio a bordo della nuovissima Fiat 124 Abarth R-GT-


Oh my my do I want one of these.

Simply fabulous.


Pervertimento For Bagpipes, Bicycle And Balloons, S. 66
P.D.Q. Bach - Topic
P.D.Q. Bach – Topic
Published on Mar 14, 2014
Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group
Pervertimento For Bagpipes, Bicycle And Balloons, S. 66 · Peter Schickele · Unknown / Bilinmiyor

Ah, music.
Sweet, sweet music.
P.D.Q.’s work? Unmistakable, eh.

Chiller Theater!!!


Chiller Freakin’ Theater!!!

Oo Oo Oo!!!

To miss this was a sin, man, you dig?

via Frank!!! Frank… is loved.

This Sacred Intro had some pretty interesting stuff come up after it, but this, just this is what has stuck in my mind (and I guess dear Frank’s!) as the memorable bit.

I think it was a major influence in my mch later fondness for After Effects…

Oh, yeah, I’m sure of it.



That icepop is, too, I’m sure of it. ; )


Oh Bummer !
As you can see, it is gone. Mr Diddi took exception, maybe, I do not know. Too bad, they were fabulous and wou;d surely get him inquiries.But what do I know?


Bobby McFerrin performing Don’t Worry Be Happy

EMI Music
Uploaded on Feb 24, 2009
Music video by Bobby McFerrin performing Don’t Worry Be Happy.

Oo do I love this. Always have. Not so good at following his advice, though. Always telling others to do so, however.