The force sensed that my unease was at a particularly uncomfortable level so just now sent a beam to balance it all out again.

For this we are Grateful. Being that way lingers. Even now the energy ripples down, even though it is fixed.

Powerful stuff. Gotta work on brakes for it. Or hang out with Vulcans. No Vulcans about. Understandable.

Especially these days. LOL

Backyard is close. To completion, not distance-wise. The Delightfully Daunting Duo are the expert implements of materialization once  again and that is just as it should be.

Started in on the deep, dark basement, located 10.12km below deck. Twas good.

Okay, maybe some recent stuff…?


Thanks, Lesley Günther!

Clearly New Mexico’s finest.


Looks like something we’ll soon see around the neighborhoods.


would rather viddie this


or these…






Fine young lady.




nearly invincible.


OMG a Dream Girl!


no beer, just grool, thanks.


So, yeah.

things seem alright.





watching Jimi?







Oo. Poor thing does not look happy. I hope it worked out.

From this collection

Wonderful stuff.


“And what if I told you
that curiosity has saved
millions of cat’s lives?”

— Thomas M. Cosgrove


image: Pol Ubeda Hervas

from he library of Thomas M. Cosgrove.



Plenty O’ PentaProps™ to the wonderfully wise Tom Cosgrove and Atomic Samba!










I am to this day baffled by the folks that take this material as, um, gospel.

Sorry. I am, actually, but seriously I simply can not comprehend the mindset needed to believe that this is the way things were.

Can you? Please explain it to me if you can, I implore you.

Children’s coloring books? “Beginners” “Bible” class? Oh dear.

Using the term Bible so loosely it fell out a very long time ago, of course.

I saw a video tour of one of the museum displays of this sort of thing. So strange.

I never pursued the interest knowing that there are always lunatics to look into, but I was wondering just now as to when this stuff started to become popular. I’ve been around a while and I do not recall ever hearing even a whisper of anything like this. Who were the leading loonies of the dino movement?

Oh God, it’s too creepy right now, things are going too good for creepy weird…. good weird okay. Maybe later.

It makes one wonder about the fragility and stability of the minds and brains of their fellows.

Please be careful out there.


They’re out there, man…


Caroline Johnson

Published on Sep 23, 2014
The Miller House Restaurant – Owensboro, KY

Samantha Fish – Guitar/vocals
Sadie Johnson – Guitar/vocals
Scott Southerland – Bass
Go-Go Ray – Drums

Oh. My. God.

Alanis Morissette

Published on Sep 25, 2015
Watch the official music video for “Hand In My Pocket” by Alanis Morissette.

Alanis Morissette’s, “Jagged Little Pill” turns 20 years old this year! Re-visit the classic album from Alanis here!…

Connect with Alanis Morissette here!…

OMG this is twenty years old.

Still relevant, it struck me as I listened. Well, Aristotle and Heroditus were speaking of things as if they could be commenting on tonight’s news. No, no hope for this lot, that’s for certain.

I love her… so powerful… so on point and no prisoners taken. I like that.

The singing and writing couln’t be better…

Was smitten then, still smitten now.

Peace out.


Published on Dec 21, 2013

Live performance at Villa Arconati Festival, Milan Italy – July 2013
more info and videos on

These folks are wonderful. First heard them quite some time ago on Fordham’s WFUV radio, the birthplace of long-form FM radio way back when courtesy of my hero, the late Pete Fornatale. I digress. As usual.

Anyway,  love these guys. Would be a trip to see them and I am wondering what one needs o do to be in the Social Club…

I need to get more things to bang on.

Yes. Important.

this is so nice to listen to.



Published on Oct 4, 2014

Performing “live” at the ceremony, his Academy Award winning song “Theme From Shaft” from the Gordon Parks movie “Shaft” from 1971. Sammy Davis Jr. digs! “Can You Dig It?”

God I love this song and they* were playing it when I was texting the bird I love and she knew the song and oo hell I just hadda put it up here for my fabulous readers!



ETA: * “they” being the McIntosh Music Stream Tablet app. I recommend it very highly, great music all the time.

the video would have been here.

More than 70 years after the end of World War II, still coming to light documents, testimonies, photographs and footage never seen the greatest war in history. Just this week revealed the existence in Russia of a series of daily records of the daily life of Heinrich Himmler , the head of the SS and arm of extermination programs of the Third Reich.

However, countless works, records and files of the war continue without giving a proof of the death of Adolf Hitler , paying all sorts of theories regarding the possible flight of the dictator. This new version of the story, which germinated at the time of the fall of Berlin at the hands of the Red Army in April 1945, gained strong momentum in recent years, with the help of local authors like Abel Basti, or foreigners, as Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan.

Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler
Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler

The official version says that Hitler killed himself with his partner, Eva Braun, hours after getting married in the bunker of the Chancellery in Berlin, surrounded by the Soviets. The story about the suicide of Hitler couple emerged from an investigation by the English Hugh Trevor-Roper, an intelligence agent who interrogated the Fuehrer’s entourage, concluding that this had ended his life by shooting himself in the head. Meanwhile, Eva Braun had swallowed a cyanide capsule. In the same vein Michael Musmanno, American judge who participated in the Nuremberg process was expressed.Musmanno also interviewed Hitler’s inner circle and arrived at the same conclusions as Trevor Roper. From these sources they drank researchers on the war and the Third Reich.

Beyond oral testimonies, which may be questionable, the wily Josef Stalin sowed confusion by claiming that Hitler had escaped “to Spain or Argentina,” although supposedly the Soviets had the remains of the Nazi dictator. The twists and turns of the Russians with over the years, showing alleged parts of the skull of Hitler, which ultimately were not such, putting more darkness ended the matter.

Ver imagen en TwitterVer imagen en TwitterVer imagen en Twitter

Hitler escapó de Berlín y murió en la Argentina, ¿realidad o fantasía?  por @NikGilardi

Hitler in Argentina
Researchers believe that Hitler escaped from Berlin disagree how did -Plane or submarine, but generally agree that the final destination of the trip was the Argentina . They also agree that the “Austrian corporal” lived in the south of the country and for some years he did in the residence Inalco , a complex located near Villa La Angostura, about 80 kilometers north of Bariloche.

Inalco the building complex was built in 1943 – two years before the end of the war by renowned architect Alejandro Bustillo, designer, among others, Llao Llao Hotel and the Provincial Hotel of Mar del Plata. There are several striking facts about Inalco. Its construction took about four million current dollars, was set in a remote and inaccessible location and is strikingly similar to the Berghof , the rest house that Hitler had in the mountain area of Obersalzberg in the Bavarian Alps.

The Berghof, Hitler's home in the Alps
The Berghof, Hitler’s home in the Alps

Inalco accesses at the time that Hitler would have lived there were very difficult. The only land route was a mountain track and no bridges to cross the river Correntoso. In this way, the easier for the residents enter and leave road was Lake Nahuel Huapi. This limited the possibilities of a boat or seaplane.These options do little more than feed suspicions that Inalco was built there and in that way to avoid prying eyes and to monitor the safety of the place.

The complex, which is near the border with Chile, has over 450 hectares five kilometers of coastline on the lake. In its heyday it had a main villa with a large living room with fireplace and large windows that allow appreciate the stunning scenery formed by the Nahuel Huapi and mountains. He also had a square with a stone fountain and complementary units such as a stable, designed to self- sufficiency. This can be seen in the path the drone of Infobae made by facilities that have hosted the fallen dictator of Nazi Germany. The old property also had a small hangar for seaplanes and sites that appear to have been intended to monitor the complex.

The Inalco complex in southern Argentina, remarkably similar to the Berghof
The Inalco complex in southern Argentina, remarkably similar to the Berghof

According rebuilt Basti in one of his books about Hitler, the land originally belonged to the Italian Primo Capraro and Federico Baratta. In the 40s, Enrique Garcia Merou, a nearby lawyer Juan Domingo Peron, acquired the land and ordered the construction Inalco. In his research, he concluded that Garcia Merou Basti was a figurehead of German capital and Inalco was administered several years by the Peronist businessman Jorge Antonio. Evenhe claimed that Peron himself stayed in the home that sheltered Hitler .

Over the years, the buildings were abandoned and 70 were bought by the banker José Rafael Trozzo. Two decades later, a foundation leased the site to be earmarked for trips of a German school in Villa Ballester. In order to grant, and well into 2000, Inalco returned to be uninhabited. The last thing you knew about Inalco is an international real estate company that offered the “Hitler house” for sale, pricing the huge complex in more than 20 million euros.


And that is that.

I want to buy it.

Can’t quite swing it.


AVA Strings

Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 7:39am

AWSOME – Happy birthday by Nicole Pesce AWESOME

This is how Happy Birthday would sound if it was composed by Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Bach and Mozart.
If you are a musician, you should listen to this.

This—is Ab Fab!

Nicole is Ab Fab!

The end will put a massive grin on your kisser.

Simply excellent.

Many, many PentaProps™ to my dear, sweet friend Katherine Rose for sending this to me!













PentaProps™ go out for this last pic… to Jeff Jamroga for finding and posting it and lusting after it and to Joe Robinson, for dreamin’ it and especially for comin’ ‘round. Jolly good show, what!



When I saw this I laughed aloud.


The reason I experienced a burst of lulz is that the car on top, available here in town, I might add, starts at US$1,700,000.00.


The car on the bottom… didn’t.


Be careful out there.



Remembering George ‘1943 – 2001’ Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at 7:00pm

George Harrison during the Let It Be sessions holding his rosewood Fender Telecaster. -Matt-

I love George. He was just too awesome for words. What a fabulous mind.

And he had a McLaren, too.
Much peace.
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